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There is a lot in the media about the highly inflated price of Bordeaux based on the emergence of the middle to upper class in countries like China. I like to think i found a way to buck this trend when buying Bordeaux… and that is by taking a chance ! I recently purchased three bottles of Borduex a Chateau Lynch Badges, Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalnde and Chateau Margaux all with the vintage unknown. Don't get me wrong i know how much variation there is from vintage to vintage, but i couldn't help myself when my total purchase price was close to $200 AU.

The only detail that i could discern was the rough era from which the wines were vintaged, they ranged from 60's to 70's, if you look at the price ranges for the wines for this period they it varies from $600 to $2000, and cork gods willing i can get the same experience whether the vintage was written on the label or not !

So is the vintage in this instance the price i pay for certainty or am i paying for prestige ? Given the cork lottery and provenance issues over time i was happy to take the chance and one bottle down i think i have won with the Chateau Lynch Badges wine being a great example of aged Bordeaux. We will see how the next few bottles go as i don't quite have the budget to buy a 1990 Chateau Margaux, but more than happy to take a lucky dip.