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Wine is a journey and an addiction.

For me it’s not the alcohol but the magnitude of expressions and flavours that keep you searching for more. Perfection is relative, and i find it difficult to call a wine ‘perfect’ mainly due to the fear that my journey would end. 

A wine is a sum of the vintage, winemaker, storage,glassware, temperature, accompanying food and most importantly your mental and physical state at time of drinking. I find it hard to believe that a bottle of Dom Perignon wouldn’t taste better when i’m sitting at restaurant in Epernay on Holidays than a dodgy BYO in the outskirts of Melbourne.

It is the evolution and variance that sets wine apart from a can of coke or bottle of beer. When was the last time you went to Coles and asked for a 2014 Diet Coke, or searched out a particular batch of Fat Yak? Most wine drinkers have come to embrace and accept the variation that comes from an agricultural product and enjoying it for what it is, or accepting it for what it isn’t. 

This general acceptance is something to be grateful for as it wouldn’t take much to further propagate those homogenous wineries that base themselves of grape concentrate and powdered tannins claiming they are producing fine wines of Australia.

The ever elusive search for perfection can take you down a few paths, some destructive and others fulfilling.Wine can fuel an addictive personality, but an acceptance that there may not be a holy grain lets you enjoy the journey limit damage done to your hip pocket as well as mental and physical health!

If you do find your perfect wine, enjoy the moment .