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I can't help but think many a wine collector is more like a hoarder who continues to collect and postulate on a wines worth, but too often does nothing with it. How often have you sat in front of your wine collection and spent five minutes telling yourself why you shouldn't open that bottle of wine ? or that that there is a special occasion just around the corner that justifies drinking ? Many see wine as a measure of ones worth that is diminished with every bottle consumed rather than left sitting on the rack.

The other common occurrence is sifting through your collection on a Friday night and not being able to find something you want to drink despite the 300 bottles, If either of the two situations described resonate with you, it's ok, your in a safe place here, but there are things that can be done about it.

In wine, as in life have you ever stopped to ask yourself 'why' you are doing something ?, Why did i buy a case of Grange instead of 36 bottles of Clonakilla ?, Why is 85% of my collection Shiraz ? It is important to work out what drives your interest and enjoyment of wine and to base your buying and cellaring habits on it.

For example, the next time you look to buy six dozen of that cracking 2010 Barossa Shiraz that is 25% off you should consider a couple of things:

1. In making such a large purchase will your collection have the variety to handle your tastes changing over time ?

2. If you are driven by the prestige and luxury factor of wine will it be diminished by the fact you have multiple bottles, or purchased at a discounted price ?

The mind and perception is a wonderful and unpredictable thing, with our view of wine based heavily on this. So regardless if driven by status, variety or just the love of wine you need to align your cellar with what excites you and not be afraid to open that bottle, there will still be good vintages in the future after all...