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Chardonnay October 31, 2013
2009 Pirie Estate Chardonnay
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It is certainly hard not to have a soft spot for Tasmania, not only is it a beautiful place to visit but they make some superb Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, with the 2009 Pirie Estate Chardonnay showing the purity of fruit and depth of natural acidity that has put this wine making region on the map.

The nose is a heady mix of flint, nougat and citrus fruits, the palate shows pristine acid and subtle white peach that is kept in check by mineral acid and lemon curd.

The wine finishes with quality oak influences and textural spices, it will cellar effortlessly.

This wine may be hard to track down as i believe it was an exclusive release for Vinomofo in Australia, which is a bit confusing because as a wine it more than stands on it's own two feet.

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Optimal Drinking
2013 - 2025
Date Reviewed
10 31, 2013


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