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Chardonnay November 03, 2013
2011 De Bortoli Reserve Release Chardonnay
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As with many of the top 2011 Chardonnays from Victoria the 2011 De Bortoli Reserve Release has a steely mineral acidity with just enough richness of stone fruits to give depth and mouthfeel.

In terms of colour the wine is a light yellow with a fleck of green in the glass, the nose gives a flinty expression of melon and lemon blossom.

The wine is balanced and expresses itself through a core of mineral acidity with slight almond meal and stone fruits that gives a textural contrast to an austere and reserved background of citrus.

The wine finishes with sherbet like acidity, citrus fruits and sour edged nectarine, and is undoubtedly one that will reward time the cellar.

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Optimal Drinking
2013 - 2023
Date Reviewed
11 02, 2013


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