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Chardonnay November 18, 2013
2011 Moorilla Estate Muse Chardonnay
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The Muse label represents the pinnacle of winemaking at Moorilla Estate and gives a consistency of quality across the range, the 2011 Chardonnay balances varietal characters and wine maker derived complexity to craft a layered and cellar worthy wine.

The wine is a light yellow in colour and the nose shows citrus and stone fruits with an underlying complex leesy character.

The palate is full and complex, but as with many good Tasmanian Chardonnays there is a mineral acidity that tempers and contrasts fruit and wine maker derived complexity, keeping the wine balanced, fresh and interesting.

The wine finishes with peach and spiced oak inputs; showing tremendous length. The 2011 should cellar for a number of years.

When to Drink

Optimal Drinking
2013 - 2023
Date Reviewed
09 07, 2013


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