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Chardonnay October 21, 2014
2012 Moorooduc Estate Chardonnay
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At a recent tasting i got the chance to continue my enjoyment of Chardonnay from Moorooduc Estate in the Mornington Peninsula. These wines rarely disappoint, they are approachable young and mature magnificently.

The 12’ is a light yellow in colour with a flinty nose that gives nectarine and a touch of wood spice. The palate has layers, the foundation is citrus acidity with a sheath of spicy sweetness from french oak, and a fullness that comes from richer stone fruits. Towards the finish there is and a kick of sour edged nectarine against creamy lees characters that gives great texture. Will age well over the medium term.

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2014 - 2021
Date Reviewed
08 01, 2014


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