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Chardonnay January 19, 2016
1991 Giaconda Estate Chardonnay
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This wine was a shot in the dark, tasted as it nears it’s 25th birthday there was a fair chance it may be past it, but given the sheer class and pedigree of the producer i couldn’t help but take up the opportunity to try.

The wine is definitely fully mature, and may well have been a better wine at other points in it’s maturity, but was a privilege to drink, i revelled in it’s structure and survival.

A deeply golden yellow in the glass, the nose still maintained a flinty complexity with baked tech and pear alongside brioche and toffee notes.

The balance of this wine for it’s age is good, deeply seated nectarine combines with vanillin spice, there is a slight astringent grip on the mid palate but enough fruit, oak and spice to compensate.

A delight to drink that lingers with toffee and nectarine.

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2016 - 2018
Date Reviewed
01 01, 2016


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