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2015 Curly Flat Chardonnay 750ml
Chardonnay April 30, 2019
2017 Curly Flat Chardonnay
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This is an epic Curly Flat release and enjoyed the fine lines and will have the longevity afforded by the 2017 vintage.

A light yellow in the glass, white peach and just ripe fig dominate the nose with a subtle build of flint and mealy richness that backed by oak induced spice.

The backbone is equal part citrus acidity and gentle vanillin spice, there are waves of peach and nectarine that are finely structured and beautifully integrated with the wines richer notes. The finish is long and shows impeccable balance.

Irresistible now but will cellar.

When to Drink

Optimal Drinking
2019 - 2029
Date Reviewed
04 26, 2019


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