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Chardonnay July 19, 2011
2009 Seppelt's Jaluka Chardonnay
(Updated: July 19, 2011)
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Light yellow in colour , the nose is complex and ever so intricate with gun flint, grilled nuts and citrus characters blending together effortlessly.

The palate shows superb structure that in most part is due to the core of citrus acidity that runs from start to finish; providing textural contrast against the wines richer and more developed elements.

These richer characters include understated brioche, slightly funky blue cheese and peach skins, there is a touch of spice and oak integration towards the finish as well as a resurgence of the mineral acidity that keeps the wine superbly balanced and fresh.

This wine offers great value for money.

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Date Reviewed
07 06, 2011


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