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Nebbiolo March 06, 2017
2013 Virago La Mistura Nebbiolo
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Produced by Virago who have exacting standards for their Nebbiolo, so much so that this wine didn’t quite make the grade for the Virago label, based on tasting it must have been painfully close, meaning that an astute buyer can grab a bargain here.

A medium red garnet in the glass as you would expect, the nose has fruit and oak in equal measure and if on was to be hyper critical there isn’t quite the same concentration of fruit as the 11, and 12 releases maintains a mushroom and undergrowth note that has great appeal.

The palate is medium bodied with savoury dark cherry at it’s core, tannins are fine, textural and drying but are well balanced by richer oak inputs, the return of the mushroom and undergrowth to finish give complexity and character to this wine.

Great value release worth tracking down.

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2017 - 2022
Date Reviewed
03 05, 2017


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