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Other Red December 09, 2019
2019 Eldridge Estate PTG
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The PTG is a labour of love for David Lloyd, it's a blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay and has developed what is close to a cult following with the wine adored by consumers and critics alike.

This universal appeal is because of its chameleon like nature that can bend and shape to a wide range of drinkers preferences. Those who like crunchy and juicy primary fruits have it in spades, those who like a touch of earth and savoury flare see it shining through from the Gamay in particular, those who like some luxury in their life will sit back and enjoy the generosity and spice from a high proportion of new French oak.

Overall this is a balanced wine that is more serious than you think, with Eldridge Estate a trailblazer for the style. This is a wine to get excited about, especially in the warmer months.

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2019 - 2024
Date Reviewed
12 08, 2019


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