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Pinot Gris October 15, 2017
2017 D’Sas King Valley Pinot Grigio
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King Valley and Pinot Grigio are such a good combination and it’s even better when in the hands of a winemaker that can capture the freshness and fruit driven character of the Pinot Gris grape, whilst also crafting a wine with structure and presence.

The slightest fleck of yellow in the glass as you would expect given it’s age, the nose has pear and citrus fruits with a thread of understated apricot that gives plenty of interest.

There is a juicy acidity that gives a counterpoint to savoury edged nashi pear and granny smith apple that have a youthful crunchiness. Commanding length of pear and meyer lemon to finish.

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Optimal Drinking
2017 - 2018
Date Reviewed
10 15, 2017


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