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Pinot Gris August 19, 2019
2016 Grey Sands Pinot Gris
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If you want an example of an interesting Tasmanian producer look no further than Grey Sands. They make wines for drinkabikity and complexity, not for a quick sale.

This is a layered, complex and thought evoking Pinot Gris that bares little resemblance to any other producer in Australia. It is rich and lush, but has the flow and structure that beguiles the variety.

The nose is framed by poached pear in butter, with musk and some lanolin and lemon notes. The palate has stone fruits and pear with a gentle weave of spice and an enjoyable grapefruit like texture that is gives definition to the mid palate. The mix of creamy pear fruits ripe fig are contrasted with a mealy texture and delicate spice to complete the wine.

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Optimal Drinking
2019 - 2024
Date Reviewed
08 15, 2019


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