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Pinot Noir August 21, 2017
2013 Priory Ridge Pinot Noir
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This wine was a revelation for me, it’s from a small producer that I had never heard of from St Helen's in Tasmania. It is one of the most Burgundian like Australian wines I have tried in recent times. After tasting I did a little more research and discovered it was made by cult Tasmanian producer Aspley Gorge with the impressive style starting to make a little more sense.

A wonderful mix of dark cherry, mushroom and earth given cinnamon spice on the nose, the medium wine opens up layers of complexity with rhubarb, dark cherry expressive against ever present pine forrest and gentle spice. The finish lingers, with savoury, earthen flare and an understated suppleness of dark berries.

A remarkable wine.

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Optimal Drinking
2017 - 2025
Date Reviewed
08 16, 2017


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