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Riesling January 21, 2019
2017 Angullong Fossil Hill Riesling
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A light yellow with a fleck of green in the glass as you would expect from a 2017 release, however the nose smells of a wine that has had much more bottle age with a petroleum edge to lime and a touch of lanolin.

The palate has a backdrop of citrus acidity and green apple, there is a honeyed note to the fruit that i wouldn’t have expected at this stage in it’s development with the wine getting lost somewhere between focusing on youthful exuberance and the subtle expressions that comes with age. There is a chalkiness of acidity to finish, but the focus on fruit is missing. Not sure where this will go over time.

When to Drink

Optimal Drinking
2019 - 2023
Date Reviewed
01 20, 2019


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