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Sauvignon Blanc November 22, 2014
2014 The Winesmiths Sauvignon Blanc
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So boxed wine might have got a bad wrap through the 80’s and 90’s with fruity and classic dry whites not doing much to promote Australian wine, nor the delivery of wine in a cask format. It’s a pity as the concept of cask wine is pretty good in principle with the ability to enjoy a glass over weeks instead of days when compared to a bottle. Sauvignon Blanc is a good candidate for the box with it’s fruit driven nature and reliance on freshness.

A light yellow in colour, the nose has characteristic tropical fruit characters that lean more towards melon, with a slight grassy note. The palate is straight up and down with tropical fruits, good mouthfeel and considered acidity. The wine doesn’t have the greatest length, but for under $20 for 2 litres you could do far worse with a number of it’s bottled counterparts.

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2014 - 2015
Date Reviewed
11 22, 2014


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