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Sauvignon Blanc January 20, 2021
2019 Sidewood Mappinga Fume Blanc
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A light to golden yellow in the glass, barrel fermentation and time in oak has rounded the usually piercing tropical influences of Sauvignon Blanc, with fruits tending to pear and myer lemon with feigned richness from the newer oak. 

This wine is defined by texture and mouthfeel, it builds in flavour and concentration in the same way you expect Pinot Noir to have a ‘peacocks tail’ with its impact growing over time. Acidity is well managed, taking on a citrus edge and creating an enjoyable contrast between richer oak and ever so slightly fuller stone fruits.  The length is excellent to finish, a serious wine that will get better over the next few years. 

When to Drink

Optimal Drinking
2021 - 2028
Date Reviewed
01 19, 2021


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