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Semillon January 04, 2016
2005 Woodstock Botrytis Semillon
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A Botrytis Semillon from McLaren Vale, it had my interest from the outset. The wine is will priced with current vintage in the $20 odd price bracket, and the 2005 at 10 years of age giving some interesting complexity and a definite drinkability factor.

The wine is a dark burnt orange in colour, with the golden hues now gone, the nose gives characteristic dried sultana, orange peel and a touch of kerosine.

The palate has depth and concentration with orange blossom giving way to more fruit cake characters. There is still an element of balance to the wine, even though starting to become a little broader with age having lost some of it’s textural, acid drive.

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Optimal Drinking
2015 - 2017
Date Reviewed
01 02, 2016


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