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Semillon October 29, 2017
2017 Gundog Estate Indomitus Albus
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This is the third release of the Indomitus Albus and was produced from Dave and Sue Vernon’s dry grown vineyard in the Hunter. The wine was fermented using wild yeast with 30% of skins used in the ferment, after which it was left on lees and skins for 5 months. It was bottled without any fining.

This is a wine that over delivers in terms of both aromatics and mouthfeel, with winemaking technique helping to tease out power and concentration in what is still an incredibly young wine.

The nose gives citrus fruits that are accentuated by some grassy and floral notes . The wines texture is very unique, there is a tannin and acid profile that builds with a pinot like peacocks tail and takes meyer lemon, apple and grapefruit along for the ride and is tied together by a finely weaved herbaceous thread.

A wine that makes you think about it, but is very enjoyable.

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Optimal Drinking
2017 - 2030
Date Reviewed
10 28, 2017


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