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Shiraz October 25, 2017
1998 Hanging Rock Heathcote Shiraz
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It’s hard to believe that 1998 was almost 20 years ago, the pin up vintage of the 90’s across much of South Eastern Australia, it’s nice to look at a top end Heathcote Shiraz and see what time has done.

This was only the second commercial vintage from Athol’s Paddock and it has help up remarkably well. The wine holds a dark red in the glass with a nose of plum, flinty baking spice and lingering mocha oak.

There is generosity of fruit that works amongst tight grain oak with expansive length of plum and blackberry. The finish enjoys the decadent spicy overtones of American Oak but has the fruit to carry it.

Will continue to hold for a number of years.

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2017 - 2022
Date Reviewed
09 08, 2017


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