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Sparkling August 14, 2017
2014 Sidewood Chloe Cuvee Sparkling
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This is a world class Australian sparkling, served blind it could easily hold it’s own with many higher priced and better known European counterparts.

The wine is a light to golden yellow with a persistent, fine bead that emanates from the bottom of the glass. The nose is a carefully assembled ensemble of lemon zest, oyster shell, flashes of stone fruit and brioche. The palate is highlighted by it’s piercing acidity with a citrus backbone that lets taut nectarine and flinty / lees induced richness have impact. The mid palate has breadth with faint notes of wild strawberry and apple that are pulled into focus by a return of citrus inspired acidity to finish.

Incredible value here.

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2017 - 2024
Date Reviewed
08 13, 2017


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