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Majella Cabernet 2003 - 2010

It is not often you get a chance to taste through a vertical spanning 8 years of an iconic Australian wine. Majella Cabernet in my mind represents one of he best value and consistent Cabernet's that this country produces, a perception that was backed by a recent vertical tasting.

The wines themselves are produced from Majella's 60 Hectare vineyard in the famed Coonawarra region, in the 1980's grapes produced from the vineyard were sold to Wynn's. In 1991 Majella completed their first vintage, 600 cases of Shiraz.

There was a consistent thread when tasting through the last 8 vintages of Majella Cabernet, it was the purirty of dark berry fruits, the wonderful dusty coonawarra tannin structure and the excellent length.

If you ever get the chance i strongly suggest a vertical tasting of wines, as it gives you a real sense of how a winemaker can achieve a consistent style each year, whilst still having each wine express the varietal definition that comes from a vintage.

The tasting notes for the vertical tasting can be found here